Mizuno RB Tour in Eco-Friendly Bag (Professionally Recycled)

Mizuno RB Tour in Eco-Friendly Bag (Professionally Recycled)

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A faster Tour ball with incredible performance in the wind due to Mizuno’s drag-reducing C-Dimple. Soft and responsive around the greens with a 4-piece construction and high-traction urethane cover. Low driver spin for downward attack angles


  • Mizuno’s new Cone (C) Dimple is the result of 12 years of wind tunnel testing at Mizuno Technics facility
  • C-Dimple creates more triggering points to keep fast flowing air closer to the ball’s surface for longer
  • Optimized aerodynamic flow results in simultaneous reduction of drag and strengthening of trajectory
  • 360 Cone Dimples produce a controllable, penetrating driver flight and distance gains on full iron shots
  • Ultra-soft Urethane cover provides player-preferred feel and response around the green
  • High-energy Ionomer mantle layer optimizes energy transfer for increased distance
  • Graduated firmness Butadiene Rubber Dual Core for ideal compression and feel
  • 12 Pack
  • Brand : Mizuno