How ReGolf Makes You Rich


The Scene: A beautiful golf course, where a Billionaire and his chauffeur, Withers, tee up.

Billionaire: Withers, you’re a lowly chauffeur, but would you like to be rich, like me?

Withers: Yes, sir! Billionaire: Then look down. Withers: Down, sir?

Billionaire: That’s right, down — look at your golf ball. Is it new?


Withers: Oh, yes, sir, brand new.


Billionaire: Now, look at my ball. (The billionaire takes a ReGolf ball from his pocket.) This is a Titleist golf ball, certified, pre-owned.

Withers: Pre-owned, sir?


Billionaire: That’s right. Professionally recycled, not repainted or refinished, sold by the dozen, boxed for storage convenience, and expertly graded.

Withers: Graded, sir?

Billionaire: That’s right. This one is AAAAA. Feels new. Very little wear, and it saves me money. If you want to be rich, I want you to remember four things, Withers.

Withers: Four things?


Billionaire: One. Grip — grip those saving when you can get them.


Withers: Grip.


Billionaire: Two. Stance — take a firm stance and only buy ReGolf


professionally refurbished balls from now on.


Withers: Stance.


Billionaire: Three. Swing — get in the swing of saving money, yet acquiring a high-quality product with ReGolf balls.

Withers: (getting excited) I’m swinging, sir! I’m swinging! Billionaire: Four. Hit — ReGolf is a hit, Withers.

We hear a satisfying crack! as Withers hits the ball. Billionaire: Now, how did that feel?

Withers: Distance, control, velocity — 12 balls per box, professionally inspected, cleaned, sorted and packed — it feels great, sir!

Billionaire: Right! So, from now on buy only ReGolf balls. Do what I do, save money, and one day you’ll be rich, just like me.