Opting Recycled Golf Balls - An Environment-Conscious Choice

You might think how little things such as golf balls could impact the environment, but believe it or not – they do!

To give a small picture of the problem, let's talk about a recent study by a young scientist who accidentally found out that golf balls were creating a big problem. Since more than a few golf courses are located near seas, her research at the Stanford University concluded that golf balls pose a threat to the marine environment.

An environmental Hazard

Golf courses are famous for their beautiful wide landscapes and lush green fields, but they are also widely criticized for their bad impact on the environment. The prime reason for this is the chemicals and fertilizers that are used to keep the fields green. As there is frequent spraying of water too, these chemicals wash down to streams, rivers, and sea. It is an understood fact that chemicals used on golf courses are very harmful to the earth as well as all forms of life. They not only restrict plant growth for years but also cause many health problems for animals and humans. And the other big problem is the golf balls!

Golf Balls- All Rubber and Plastic

Since a golf ball is all plastic, it takes thousands of years to naturally degrade. And we think it's too late to reverse the impact of pollution on mother earth. There are more than 16000 golf courses in the US only and millions of golf balls are used on these grounds every year. This sounds like a lot of plastic being produced and spread unless we start using recycled golf balls!

Towards Greener Golf – Recycled Golf Balls

Considering all the facts above, it seems natural that efforts must be made at all levels to curb the negative impact of golf on the environment. And the concept of recycled or refurbished golf balls is a giant leap forward towards making golf a green sport.

Recycled balls decrease the production of new golf balls and reduce the amount of plastic on golf courses. This means a lesser number of balls on fields and seabed. Not to mention how recycled golf balls are easy on your pockets!

And if you are buying recycled golf balls from Re.golf, no worries at all about the quality of the recycled balls and your performance on the golf field!